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Non-Surgical Liposuction for Engines

By Dee Scrip

Classic symptoms of engine liposuction candidates:

∑ Sluggish response
∑ Diminished engine performance
∑ Decreased mileage per gallon
∑ Increased fuel requirements
∑ Increased toxic emissions

Perhaps you have faithfully and religiously tried to keep your engine healthy by:

∑ Habitual feedings on quality gasoline or diesel fuel
∑ Changing oil regularly
∑ Meticulously replacing spark plugs

Yet your engine still manifests foreboding symptoms.

Donít blame yourself! The Fuel Doctor has ferreted out the source and formulated a non-surgical cure!

The source is water and sulfur. I know you would never intentionally feed your engine water, but unfortunately water is always present in both gasoline and diesel fuel. The nature of fuel also has an affinity to solicit water from the atmosphere. Sulfur also intentionally lurks in both gasoline and diesel fuel. When water and sulfur meet, sulfuric acid is conceived. Acidic engines form carbon deposits when not burned off during combustion.

A critical condition evolves when unsightly carbon deposits appear on spark plugs, valves, etc., or are forced into your oil. These lethal carbon deposits progressively obstruct your engineís ability to properly function. Inevitably, symptoms rear their ugly head, and your engine becomes listed as a prime candidate for liposuction.

When your engine does not function efficiently, toxic exhaust emissions are spewed into the environment. Failed emission test inspections elicit an emergency room visit for immediate engine liposuction.

But donít despair! Drastic measures are no longer compulsory to eliminate those unsightly carbon deposits in your engine. The Fuel Doctor has formulated a prescription cure called the UBiee Power Pill Fe-3.

Tests performed on this non-surgical liposuction procedure showed:

∑ Improved engine performance
∑ Increased mileage
∑ Reduction in carbon deposits
∑ Decreased octane requirements
∑ Reduction of harmful carbon monoxide exhaust emissions by 78%
∑ Reduction of smoke pollutants by 73%
∑ Reduction of hydrocarbon emissions by 23%

The UBiee PowerPill Fe-3 translates into substantial savings and avoidance of expensive engine liposuction surgical procedures.

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About the author:
Dee Scrip is a well known and respected published expert author of numerous articles on Home Business, Business Opportunities, Fundraising, VoIP, VoIP Security, and other related VoIP issues.

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